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The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Journey in Israel

Jurnneys and Work Shops

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Journey of Heroines

It is a journey of women’s empowerment for girls and their mothers.  We follow the footsteps of admirable women who played a crucial part in Jewish and Israeli history.


During this excursion the participants will become acquainted with the life stories of five women, their decision and the choices they made in their lives to become heroines.

At each stop, in addition to the story of the heroine, tasks will be integrated that will strengthen the bond between mother and daughter.

At the very last stop you will meet the heroine who will officiate at the closing ceremony at which the girls will be given a souvenir with a personal message.

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Connecting Workshop

(Beshvil Hakesher)

The workshop that will bring you closer to your teenager

The “Connecting Workshop” is an experiential and challenging workshop that develops listening, attending, cooperating, creative thinking and mutual understanding.

Besides, it’s so much fun!!


It generates a shared experience for parent and child. It also provides tools for great communication.


The workshop is delivered in a light entertaining manner with games and tasks so that learning is  through hands-on experience. Without even noticing, you gain a number of additional tools that will serve you well in life.

It is four hours of quality time with your child.

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Connecting in the Heart of the Desert

Imagine …


Silence like only the desert can generate.


You and your child in silence, listening to each other, feeling each other’s feelings. Simply talking to each other.


Within that silence a new connection sprouts and grows. It may have been

a bond that might have been there before, but now it is present and stable to accompany you for many years.


Every time you remember this occasion, the two days you dedicated to each other, this bond will grow and strengthen.


Beshvil (for) Maturity  Development

for Life

Come along on an unforgettable bonding experience!

Beshvil (for) Maturity – Development for Life” is a two day enjoyable adventurous excursion,  that combines physical, mental and intellectual challenges, hikes, history and tradition.

We consider this journey a kind of initiation, a rite of passage from childhood to maturity.This journey includes group, couple and personal tasks inorder for your boys and girls will gain blessings that will serve them as adults.

At the end of the journey you will get to know your child even better and they will get to know you better.  Most importantly they will get to know themselves, their strengths and the areas they need to strengthen. They will connect with their passion and desires as they march towards their lives as adults knowing they are in control of their own lives.

Journey of heroines
Connecting Workshop
Connecting un the heart of the desert
Beshvil (for) Maturity Development for Life

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