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The Bar/Bat Mitzvah Journey in Israel

Private Events

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Journey in the footsteps of  Heroes and Heroines

This is an empowering journey for  the Bar and Bat Mitzvah child.  We follow admirable historic figures in Jewish and Israeli history.


During the tour, the B’nai Mitzvah child and his/her guests will become acquainted with the stories of some of theses heroic figures.

At each station there is a task to fulfill, that represents a characteristic. This quality represents the historic character. The discussion about this historic character focuses mainly on the way this particular quality was expressed in their lives.

At each station there is an envelope with parts of a collage puzzle with photos of the Bar / Bat Mitzvah child.

The last stop will be the final ceremony, where the B’nai Mitzvah child will be given the last part of the puzzle and along with it the message of the journey.

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Journey of Future Blessings

A Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration is always accompanied by good wishes: for happiness, self-realization,  health etc.….

During this celebration instead of reading written wishes, the day’s trip is centered around the actual, real essence of each blessing and good wishes.  The B’nai Mitzvot experiences this physically, mentally and of course in their hearts.


 “The Journey of Future Blessings” takes the B’nai Mitzvah child and their guests through a variety of challenging tasks. At each station of the journey, there is a task that focuses on a particular blessing. All along the journey, from station to station, these good wishes are collected by the B’nai Mitzvah with the help of the participants. These are the blessings and good wishes that will accompany them in their future (for example: bravery, wisdom, resourcefulness, ingenuity, friendship, responsibility, creativity, independence….)

At each station there is an envelope with parts of a collage puzzle with photos of the Bar / Bat Mitzvah. At the end of all the assignments, we create a circle to sum up the assignments.  The Bar / Bat Mitzvah will be given the final piece of the puzzle with his parents’ blessing.


A Heritage Journey  Discovering Your Roots

This journey is designed especially for your family.

We do extensive research about the child and family. We plan a route which follows all the essential significant stations in the history of your family.

The possibilities are endless and it is very flexible to suit you.

Journey in the footsteps of Heroes and Heroines
Journey of Future Blessings
A Heritage Journey – Discovering Your Roots

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