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What’s preferable? Being surprised or involved in the planning?

What’s preferable?

Being surprised or getting exactly what you want?

How involved does one need to be when an event is being organized in their honor?

This question arises whenever someone is organizing an event for a loved one.

The truth of course, is that the answer depends on the particular case.

I have seen adults who absolutely loved an event when they had no inkling of what was going to occur.

What’s preferable

On the other hand, I have organized an entire Bat Mitzvah excursion in which the child decided exactly what would be included on the trip, and I just settled the details with her parents.

In the end, only you really know the person in whose honor the event is….so ask yourselves:

How do they react to surprises?

Do they enjoy the excitement of anticipation?

How involved do they really want to be?

Surprise or not, we are here to help you make the even unforgettable.

Looking forward to your celebration

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