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  • שבית ליפשיץ

I did everything to fulfill this dream

This post is for you only if you want to have a meaningful and valuable experience at your upcoming event ...

Such as bar or bat mitzvah ...


wedding anniversary...

An event that will be empowering and unforgettable.


I'm Shavith Lifshitz,

And when they asked me, "What do you want to be?" - already at the age of five,

I knew almost too clearly for such a young girl,

that what I would do in life would be connected to the natural world.

I loved walking in the woods ...

Search under stones ...

Find animals ...

I didn't need gold,

That was my treasure.

I did everything to fulfill this dream:

I guided a youth movement ...

I studied biology and physics ...

After the army the plans changed a bit and I found myself

In architecture studies ...

I already thought that the childhoods dream would remain only a dream ...

But one fateful ad that said:

"needed Scouting Guides"

changed everything for me.

I left the architectural career and became a tour guide,

There I found the same pure happiness I had felt among the trees as a child.

When my niece arrived in Israel to celebrate a bat mitzvah,

I organized a four-day journey "following the timeline of the Land of Israel."

Only the small family participated in the journey, but because of the content,

the riddles and the special tasks, it created a lot of echoes and requests

that I organize additional trips.

So in 2007, "Beshvil" was born.

Since hundreds of families have celebrated their events in a unique way,

When I helped to pour their values ​​into the event.

Any such event, tailored to you personally,

With surprising riddles,

Age-appropriate routes and the level of daring of the participants,

And planning from A to Z of the empowering experience

that everyone will undergo - the children and the adults.

Here are some ideas for travel guidelines:

• A journey in the footsteps of heroines - a transition between sites inspired by women inspires in the Jewish and Israeli history.

• A journey of nostalgia - between stations in the life of the celebrant.

• Blessings Journey to the Future - The qualities and blessings that you wish

for your loved ones are translated into challenging tasks for the entire family.

The events of "Beshvil"

the participants finish with a sense that they have had a meaningful experience,

which penetrates deep into the soul and remains burnt in memory ...

And now,

If "Beshvil" connects to the way you would like to celebrate,

Get a totally free consultation call,

Without commitment,

During which you will tell us about the things that make your family unique,

And what is important for you that will be at the event.

We will translate this into a personalized values ​​experience.

Again, the consultation call comes to you completely for free and without obligation.

So send a follow-up e-mail to coordinate the conversation

And we'll talk soon.

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