How to make invisible ink – a secret language for kids to cipher

How to make invisible ink – a secret language for kids to cipher

You probably know the situation well, You are at a family gathering, a picnic in nature, or a garden event. The adults are chatting, relaxing and enjoying the day , And the children? Well they are starting to nag and pull on your sleeve. This is the perfect time to whip out the “treasure hunt” game! But this does require a little advance preparation and a little basic knowledge of cryptography and cipher. One of my favorite types of cipher, one which definitely makes a huge impression, is using invisible ink. How do we make invisible ink that really boosts the fun? Boil 2 spoons of water in a small pot. In a glass, mix one teaspoon of water with half a teaspoon of cornflower or potato flour and add it to the boiling water in the pot. Stir a little, then turn of the stove. Now, dip a cotton bud (a q-tip) and use it to write the cipher / secret message on Bristol Paper (it’s not so great on regular paper). Once it’s dry you can’t see what’s written on the page. To make the invisible ink visible, rub iodine or polydine solution on the page to discover the message! “Beshvil” specializes in introducing meaningful content at events, using riddles and puzzles specifically written for the guest of honor.

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